Welcome to the Hydrotherapy Weight Off method.

This new updated version of Omni Calm water therapy weight loss Will provides the results you need. When you are overweight, your energy becomes sluggish, and you crave more food for fuel. Eating excessive amounts of food causes your fuel level to carry and hold toxins your ability to eat quality foods for energy fuel.

The goal is to break down fat through your energy. People don’t realize how fast and effectively losing weight using this format. Below is a standard layout you will follow to begin breaking down fat easier. You may not need to use every level. Some people might only need Level 1


 Omni Calm’s Hydrotherapy Weight Off Level 2:

1-2 PIEM Weight Off

1-2 PIEM Reset/Rebalance

1 Shut off

1-2 Follow-up phone calls

1-2 Coaching Instruction Session