Stress is the number one factor in why people gain weight and consume massive amounts of food. There is no way to complete a thorough weight loss plan without addressing the stress we all encounter in our daily lives. Massage is a great stress reliever but is short-lived. The average consumer use food to deal with their troubles. Let’s face it; your stress needs to be balanced.

Omni Calm Time Release Therapy goes beyond a Swedish/ deep tissue massage. Time Release Therapy is a water therapy product that works to combat your stress much longer term. What sets Time Release Therapy apart from other stress relief modalities is designed to repair your focus lightly. And reset your stress signals. This modality will provide you with a calmer mindset. And the ability to have more clarity to solve your daily stressors easier. And start the journey to treating your body better and motivating you to maintain a slender you. We recommend purchasing


T.R.T to maintain balance in your weaker stress areas with Time Release Therapy products every 6 months or once a year.

Time Release Therapy products are highly versatile. It effectively cleanses your stress and allows you to connect to the happier parts of yourself.

Omni-Calm’s Time Release Therapy Level 3 Program
You can choose 1-2  de-stressors
1-2 De-stressors
1-2 Reset/Rebalance
1-2 Coaching Instruction Session
1-2 Follow-up phone call
1    Shut Off