You are encouraged to insure your purchase. The product you are handling is a 1×2 pouch. And unfortunately, accidents can happen.

Darlene will train each client on using your product correctly, and you will receive 3 sample packs for practicing before using your actual treatment. The product is time-sensitive, and there are many rules you need to follow precisely.

The benefits are all well worth it. The prices are offered at significantly reduced rate to accommodate the new users and people who are unfamiliar with this excellent product line.


You are currently purchasing in bulk and offered a great low price for the benefits. Suppose you incur an error in the use of your products. You will need to re-purchase the  product you lost or used incorrectly.

You will pay the regular rate for the individual product. For example, one product to repurchase can cost a minimum of $1275. Or more. You may purchase the insurance in advance below.

To insure your product and avoid a higher cost to re-purchase. Click the Insurance button below
You are not allowed to purchase the insurance after your product error. Sorry, no exceptions.