Here Is How It Works

Read thoroughly throughout the website. Purchase a consultation first. You will receive a
Weight Management Questionnaire by email. During your Consultation you will receive an intuitive Weight Issue Analysis. Please fill out the online form correctly or your Weight Issue Analysis will be incorrect.

Click on the preferred box, fill out the form requirements and submit I will contact you to schedule your consultation appointment.

If you only desire a Stress Analysis Report. You do not need to purchase a consultation. Just submit the online form. You may buy the type of Stress Analysis Report you choose; personal or career (consultation included).

You will receive your Stress Analysis Report by email. after you have thoroughly reviewed your Stress Analysis results. Contact me by phone or email to schedule your consultation.

All other services require a paid consultation before purchasing additional benefits once you agree to move forward with a service. You will receive your custom blend products by mail, with email instructions and providing phone coaching. You have the option to skype with the coach for training on using Omni Calm products.