Detox will be the first step in your moving towards a slender you.

Darlene’s custom blend detox formula will break down and dissolve your energy’s build-up. Physical detox is available at many health foods stores and alternative health clinics. A physical detox cannot cleanse your energy.

It is rare for someone to detox their energy. Darlene’s energy detox will cleanse years of build-up. Guck in your energy field. This unique method will make it easier for your physical body to release excess weight.

Omni Calm’s Custom Blend Detox is very effective. Omni Calm’s Detox is a hydrotherapy detox, and it will also cleanse and correct your taste bud’s energy. During your cleansing, you will temporarily notice that food has an offset smell, and the taste of food will be temporarily bland. This detox method will allow you to introduce yourself to healthier foods that you have not considered before.


You will also notice you consume smaller portions of food during this cleansing. Do not force yourself to consume more food. Your stomach signals are correcting themselves to determine how much food you need to fuel your energy daily.

Darlene’s energy detox will also cleanse your colon. You will notice a loose and more frequent release of stools during your detox phase.

Cleansing will allow you to pay attention to your truth with food.

Consuming excessive amounts of food may not be as important as you thought it was. Accept what is true for you. Omni Calm Detox can also provide cleansing for your mind’s emotions.
This specialty service is very intriguing to observe.


Suppose you wish to proceed forward after the initial consultation; Darlene will test your weight gain energy levels to determine what is causing your imbalance eating and weight gain and recommend a personalized detox to get you started.

Omni Calm’s  Detox Program Level  1:
1- Detox
1 Reset/Rebalance
1 Appetite Reset/Rebalance
1 Shut off
3 Follow- up phone calls
3 Coaching Instruction Session