Time Release Therapy

Time Release Therapy

Stress is the number one factor in causing health issues, bad decisions, unhealthy eating, and destruction in your life. We have labeled different situations in our life with fancy terms. The bottom line is, how do you handle stress? If you have many weaknesses, I would say not very well. If you have many strengths, I would say excellent and consider yourself very lucky, and don’t take it for granted.


Life is generally going to throw good things your way and bad. Your stress signals determine what you do with those events. It is important to get a Stress Analysis Report and consultation to learn how your stressors work and what you can do about it.

Time Release Therapy is a phenomenal herbal product. It demonstrates the tremendous power of herbs when you formulate correctly. At Omni Calm, Darlene is a natural intuitive and the owner and inventor of Omni Calm and Time Release Therapy. Hydrotherapy Weight Off, and Customized herbal DETOX. Darlene discovered the solution to resolving and maintaining your stress by utilizing Time Release Therapy to calm your demeanor quickly. At Omni Calm, we are very aware of the importance of energy, the physical body and emotions, and your mental state. Our product, Time Release Therapy, can calm and lightly repair your stress signals.


The main question I hear people ask me, is can you break stress signals? The answer is yes, and once you break or damage your stress signals, the way you handle life’s challenges is a roller coaster ride. We have an advanced system in our T.R.T product line to help restore your stress signals and stabilize your stressors to support you in dealing with unhealthy situations As well as weight gain frustrations.

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